Community Forklift

So a week ago, on my day off, I had Community Forklift come by.  This nonprofit group is doing a great job salvaging and reselling house parts–and I’m glad to support them.  William and his helper parked a big truck in the alley and went to work.  Together, we loaded two very heavy radiators (probably worth $250 at retail), five doors, extra sheets of plywood and sheetrock, misc. electrical parts, the little corner sink that we pulled from the bathroom 3 years ago, many feet of extra trim, and so on.  It felt so good to be finally rid of my junk knowing that it would become someone else’s treasure–and not go to the landfill.


One Response to “Community Forklift”

  1. Ruthie at CommunityForklift Says:

    Aw, thanks for posting about us – and thanks for your donation!

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